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Multi Family Office

Thanks to Real Davis Financing Broker’s long-standing relationship with many happy families, we can now offer a company administration team. They will be managing the investments and assets of your family, as well as applying corporate governance procedures. You might also have some questions about wealth structuring, succession planning, or other topics.

Family offices are very highly personalised, and often have different meanings depending on which company. In our case, the offerings are flexible and confidential (not public).

Your family office is uniquely positioned to provide an array of services, where there are many demands from different stakeholders. We make your company’s structure more efficient, so you can spend time on other important tasks.

Dynastic Planning

The most important consideration in setting up a family office is dynastic planning, to protect wealth and position for the next generation. Clear direction and protection are needed to avoid family disputes or protect against divorce or other risks.

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Reorganise and Restructure

In order for businesses to grow and become more successful, you have to take the time out of your busy day-to-day life to review your current business needs. This includes restructuring your personal and business needs. Don't be too busy creating an optimal foundation for the future!