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Corporate Structuring

What Is Corporate Structuring?

Corporate structuring has an impact on a company's day to day operations as well as it's overall performance and long term feasibility. It ensures that the company's objectives can be met without excessive expenditure on legal and accounting fees. It also foresees any potential future legal issues related to the company structure such as dispute over ownership, transfer of ownership between shareholders, or possible dispute settlement involving shares of the business.

What Are The Importance Of Corporate Structuring?

The importance of corporate structuring is not just about the legalities of a company. It also deals with how a company is organised and how it's employees work to achieve it's set goals. For example; in a company where people from different background are employed, corporate structuring helps create a sense of unity amongst employees, enhance staff motivation and satisfaction, makes it easier for employees to work together and share ideas. In addition, some of the main benefits of corporate structuring are; *Tax structuring opportunities. *Enhanced asset protection. *Reducing potential liability exposure. *Strategic corporate locations.

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At Real Davis, we have over 5 years experience in corporate structuring. Our goal is to provide you with a tailored solution that meets your specific needs.We understand that every company has different needs and pride ourselves in working closely with you to help determine the appropriate corporate structure based on your goals and specific needs. Our team has a wealth of experience in planning and implementing complex corporate structures, thereby creating peace of mind like no other to ensure your business sustainability. Some of the comprehensive range of services we provide includes;

  • Company Setup
  • Redomiciliation
  • Accounting and financial planning
  • Succession planning
  • Cross border legislation

Setup a Mainland company in United Arab Emirates(UAE)

Starting up as a ground company in UAE comes with nice potential for freedom of operations and suppleness. A ground company in UAE greatly expands your prospects to trade among UAE and additionally across international borders. It additionally provides a ground company license holder with bigger scope to any expand his or her business by permitting the license holder to expand business offerings. If you're trying to line up a ground company in UAE, the Real & Davis personal team would be over happy to supply you with the monetary and legal counsel, that may assist you to build a choice. we offer technical ways that may facilitate you or your business

Setup a Free-zone Company in UAE

A Free Zone company is one that has no physical presence in the UAE. These companies are considered to be outside of the jurisdiction and regulations of the UAE.
In order to setup a Free-zone Company in UAE, there are three steps:
(1) Registering a free zone company with any of the free zone authorities;
(2) Registering a branch office with Dubai Municipality;
(3) Registering an agent with Dubai Municipality.